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A new look on time aka pure time

  1. Dec 29, 2004 #1
    Well, first off this is my first post... I always think about time and gravity... and I kinda have a new idea about time. It is probably just new because I have never seen anyone think like this before... however I want to get some different views on this.

    Anyways, we as in a civilization look at time as always moving forward... but everyone’s perception of time is different... basically time is not the same for anyone because every one has different mass and mass creates gravity hence warps/bends time. So I started thinking of how time could be a constant... and the only way that could happen is if everything time wise happened at one instant.... for example past present and future all happened at one instance and in our perspective it happens to be moving forward and we cant go back.

    Like most people see time as a line ---------------------
    And with this line we are always moving forward --->
    well what I am saying is what if time is like a stamp and instead of going forward or backward it is a tap in an instance, like one instance there is ---- and the next its gone.

    Basically time is a perception, me and whoever reads this do not see time the same way... and I don’t think there is anything such as pure time.... pure time is a area where no gravity can effect time. As far as I know there is no place in the universe where gravity does not have a presence...

    Also with gravity I have some questions... first off what is the speed of gravity? For example if a star nova’s on one side of the galaxy how long does it take to affect a star on the opposite side?

    2nd is gravity emitted from mass?
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