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A new member - devtheron

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    Hi my name is dev. My reason evolved thought, my objective: "To repair the singularity"
    My thoughts are not based on facts. They are creative, and thoughtful and based on logic, imagination and possibility.
    My theory is a guideline. Its inspirational, and it will merge knowledge into understanding.
    My field of interest is. Consciousness and quantum understanding.
    I have views, but they are not based on scientific fact.
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    Hi devtheron, welcome to PF.

    Please make sure that you read the forum rules. This site is for discussing mainstream science only, and we do care a lot about facts.
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    I believe so:) thanks.
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    To repair what singularity?
    A logical argument starts with a set of assumptions or axioms, things that we assume are true; i.e., "facts."
    Quantum understanding? Is that an actual field of study?
    Views that aren't based on facts are pretty much synonomous with opinions...

    An important point to keep in mind is that the purpose of Physics Forums is to discuss mainstream science. We don't have a high tolerance for "new-agey" mumbo jumbo.
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    It is beyond me why you would come to a forum where posting your beliefs would be against the rules, but as long as you do not break the rules, you are welcome. This thread was moved from "Member Introductions" and is closed.
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