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    Hi everyone

    this is a fantastic forum ,I have browsed through the threads and found it fantastic to
    such a community for engineers to share knowledge ,experience and advice. It will boost
    the mutual interests of members ,so consequently I registered today and I would like
    you to accept me as a friend.
    I'm a mechanical engineer from Iraq ,mechanics is my ultimate passion specially when it
    comes for designing machines ,and all kinds of vehicles .This is my last undergraduate
    year and I'm supposed to graduate in a few months ,after gud bless .

    I have a graduation project which is about gears and I'm conducting most of the work
    via Ansys 5.4 software by which I'm trying to draw a gear ,assign a load on one of it's
    teeth and get a graph which illustrates the regions of stress concentration,so if anyone
    has a tutorial articles or program concerning this particular subject and can help I would
    be very grateful.
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    The majority of papers I have seen on the topic are not available for free. Usually you have to purchase them from organizations like AGMA. I would suggest looking through their publications. You will find pretty much anything you are ever going to need.

    For starters:
    http://courses.washington.edu/mengr356/daly/Gear_stress.pdf [Broken]

    Here are a couple of links, but they're not entirely helpful for what you're doing.

    http://www.public.asu.edu/~smurshed/academic/publications/4thimec.pdf [Broken]
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    Thank you FredGarvin the links you've listed are truely beneficial ,It will do me good on
    the theoritical part of my project.but I still need apply these theories on a computer software i.e. (ansys 5.40) and I need some tutorials to help me deal with that programs
    specially the method of drawing gear's teeth.thank you very much again and I appreciate that significant help.
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    Here are a couple of tutorials referencing Pro-E for doing involute gear forms. While it is not ANSYS, you should be able to glean a lot of how to information from them.

    EDIT: Crud. One of my pdf files is above the limit for file size. Let me see if I can reduce its size.

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    thank you very much FredGarvin ,I'm very content of this pdf file .
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