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A New Perspective on Dimension and Symmetry

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    This video clip will give us a whole new perspective on our ideas of dimension and symmetry as it demonstrates the significance of both an "observed object" and "its context." It starts with a simple question which is "how do we recognize the existence of that dot?” Besides the factors of a dot and its perceptual process, there's one more factor. That is the area surrounding our dot.

    For instance, a black dot cannot be visible with the surrounding area in black. That is, in order for a black dot to be visible, it needs to be surrounded by any other color but black.

    With this new perspective, the clip develops a pattern into a diagram called "Dimension Development Diagram."



    To view this video clip, go to http://scimath.org/index.php/clipcontest/viewvideo/119/dimension-a-symmetry [Broken]. Note that the soundtrack is in Thai but English subtitle is provided.

    I'd appreciated if you can give me your comments and feedback. My e-mail is nonzeroworld@hotmail.com.

    Thank you!
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