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A New poster on the radar

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    I am a new member at this forum. You can call me WY. I picked this name because it seems I have lots of questions. I was looking for a forum that can ask and answer various questions of different sorts to those interested in solving answers. I’ve posted mostly at other forums such as new politics and just things in general. But when asking science mechanics, educational or such topic most but a small few could only try to attempt to make answers. People just like to argue a lot over issues. While posting can be fun I want to learn as I post.

    So I have found this forum that seems to be active and maybe will be of help. To let you know where I stand according to Science or technology or mechanics, I have only a High school education. I’m not considered an Einstein, brilliant in math, science, technology, or mechanics. I did not have a dad or brother growing up who helped me to learn how to fix stuff. My approach on math and most any subject would be considered basic education. But I also have good common sense.

    I try very hard to think things out to wonder and I realize that although my thinking is well put together I am missing a lot of nuts and bolts to be able to understand more of what I wish I know. Much of my simple science has been lifting weights. I like to use a certain style of pyramids more many of the routines. But I also add in the cardio stuff for the heart and condition. I’ve also been on a diet since I had reached a whopping 330 pounds. Today’s weigh in was 313.2.

    So in a basic level in a way I use only the science and math I know. But I want to achieve greater than staying in the same spot year after year. I figure hopefully talking to others on a forum like this can help me to break the ice on what I understand to what I don’t understand. To me it is best to use a more simple approach explaining how things work. I try to use a dictionary that most simplifies a definition of a word. So sometimes it means foundational understanding that I can be able to build off of that.

    Everyone per say is at a different level of understanding Education, experience and so on.

    Please let me give you an example. I know because the Earth spins this is gravity. Well no big deal most of us know that. But now I would want to know what is causing this spin. Why does the earth go endlessly around the sun? What are the laws of gravity I could know? Why does gravity change from one place to another? Why do some things fall faster than others?

    I am stuck at the Earth spin and cause gravity. It’s a force that pulls down objects. Now concerning the laws and why The bodies and reason I don’t know.

    Finally I would like to ad this funny joke I heard. There was a school teacher. He said, You know long ago Isaac Newton sat under a tree and upon his head fell an apple. That was the day Isaac discovered the law of Gravity. The teacher said to the third grade class. Is that amazing? Then a young boy stood up and said.. Hey teacher Hey teacher. It’s great to hear Isaac discovered Gravity. But if Newton was in your class he would have not discovered anything … Laughing

    Ps science does not always work our way. But a good laugh is needed for our frustrations.
    Your New friend Wy
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    Welcome WY! :)
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    Welcome WY!

    I've been away from the forum for a while, but back in my day, newcomers were always asked about their favorite fish...

    Any thoughts on a favorite fish WY? o:)
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    Welcome to PF, WY! You will enjoy it here. :smile:

    We still need to know your favorite fish, though. Let's hope it's a big one. :biggrin:
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    When you say fish I am wondering if this a term used by scholars.
    Meaning what is your favorite subject?

    If this was a question in a literal sense then I would say Cod fish.
    If this is being funny I would then say
    I once played a game called Fish and I always thought it was neat
    Jonah had a fun ride in a fish for 3 days.:rofl:

    Now can one tell me what is the meaning about this fish post?
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    Steam King you said that quagmire and quandry are not exactly the same word.
    So are you saying that a quandry is that you are making decisions?
    And it sounds like in a quagmire you have no options.

    Can you please give me 2 examples one for a quagmire in a situation and one for a quandry?
    I want to be able to tell the difference between the 2.
    Like I said in my intro post. I'm no expert in any field..not even vocabulary but at least I'm trying my best. Thanks for trying to help.

    I think as far as my hearing goes the audiologist told me that my doctor who knows about the inside of my head should know my case more than anyone.
    All I can say that it has to do with the cochlea inside the head where the hearing signals are picked up and this also has to do with the auditory nerve. That is all I basically know.
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    *smacks WyWonder with a Cod fish*


    You are now an official PF member. :biggrin:
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