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A new strategy to combat global warming in N. Europe.

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    At the latitudes of the UK and Northern Europe we would expect a climate similar to that of Alaska or central Canada. Thanks entirely to the gulf stream, which bathes our shores with water carrying the heat equivalent of one million power stations, we currently have a much warmer climate.
    The gulf stream is driven by chilled, salty water which sinks in the North Atlantic due to its relatively high density. As this water sinks it sets up a southerly current, and draws in warmer surface water from the tropics. We thus have a cycle or conveyor of warm surface water flowing north, and cold deep water flowing south.

    What the latest research is telling us.

    The gulf stream is already faltering. Rising world temperatures are releasing 50 cubic miles of fresh water annually from the melting Greenland icecap. Comparable, new amounts of fresh water from Siberian rivers are also flowing into the North Atlantic as rising global temperatures increase rainfall in Northern Russia.
    This inflow of relatively low density surface water is now shutting down the gulf stream conveyor.
    Analysis of ice cores from the Greenland ice sheet has revealed that the gulf stream has periodically shut down and restarted many times in the past, but what is most alarming is that the shut downs happen quickly (5-10 years) whereas the start ups take much longer (100+ years). This observation has serious implications when considering what should be done now.
    In the short term there are no practical measures that we could take to keep the gulf stream flowing. It will shut down in the near future. Our only salvation lies in the fact that continued rising world temperatures will offset to some extent the cooling of a gulf stream shut down.
    Recent studies by the UK Met Office suggest that if we continue on our present course of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and successfully meet the targets, then the resulting reduction in global warming together with the effects of a dead gulf stream will produce the worst case scenario for the UK. Near Arctic weather and growing glaciers would push us towards a new ice age. If global warming were to continue at its historical pace, we would still experience significant cooling, but life as we know it could be maintained.

    What can we do now?

    Our current ruling elite have been happy to accept earlier predictions of global warming, i.e. we all start growing grapes and enjoying Mediterranean summers in the UK. To avoid this arguably pleasant future we have been placed on a generational guilt trip by our leaders. Some of the consequences included the introduction of energy taxes and the demonisation of the motor car.

    In the light of the latest evidence it will be necessary to reconsider our global warming strategy.

    In the motoring world, we must enact legislation to ban low emission eco-friendly buzz boxes, and introduce lower tax bands for SUV’s. Drivers of existing low emission, high mpg mini-cars must be socially ostracised and treated with the ridicule they deserve (more so than at present).
    All wind farms must be relocated to Islington to remind our ruling elite of their folly.
    Arthur Scargill must be recruited to restore the British coal industry to its previous glory.

    Will these measures be sufficient? Maybe not, more drastic steps could be needed to boost the emission of life saving greenhouse gases. To increase environmental CO2 it may be necessary to introduce compulsory smoking into the school curriculum, and identify ways to increase binge drinking. Methane emissions could also be enhanced by the mixing of all domestic and industrial waste and storing it in large holes in the ground.

    Only the adoption of these new and radical measures can save the UK, but will our leaders have the courage to make the required changes in policy?.
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    Haha, very good!
    All it would take is for people to start encouraging Prescott, perhaps we could club together and buy him another Jag. Then, we convince him to beat up a few more farmers, thus enhancing his kudos in the public eye, and turning him into a national role model. We will then feel safe to publicly ridicule drivers of anything with less than 100bhp, imports of the Prius would be immediately embargoed. The wind farm proposals announced this week would be modified, running them in reverse (powered by new coal-fired power stations) and the wind farms would act like giant propellers, serving to direct polluted air to where it is in most demand.

    After a few more years of pie-munching we would be free to revel in our new Mediterranean climate, whence we could justify sacking off work every afternoon to have a nap.

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