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A new subsection to PF?

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    Does anyone else think it would be nice/helpful to have a new subsection under the physics section named "Laser Physics & Optics" or alternatively "Photonics".

    It seems all the core physics sections are there except that. You could argue that it falls under "general physics" but Laser physics is a very well accepted topic on its own like "quantum" and "relativity".

    Thats my opinion anyway...I'm always jumping between different forums to post topics relating to photonics and so forth.

    My proposal is based on the fact that "general physics" does not always include users with engineering application to physical optics systems nor an understanding of Electro-Optic devices. Vice-Versa with Engineering, not many engineers are taught advanced nonlinear optics and its practical implementation, but are however taught the 'linear' theory of optics.

    Express your opinions HERE! :biggrin:
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    Well, it would be nice, but for now, there's a limit on the number of forums on the main page. There are something like two dozen engineering specialties, and numerous specialties in physics, e.g. we could add a plasma physics forum, but for now, there is a practical limit.
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    Everyone thinks their favorite subject isn't given sufficient attention with its own forum. :wink:

    "General Physics" here basically refers to any topic in physics that doesn't have enough threads being started and discussed on a regular enough basis by the members to justify the real estate it would take up to create a new forum.

    If, for example, we were to open up the General Physics forum and see that for a couple months straight, all the other topics being discussed are getting swamped out by very active discussions of optics (i.e., not just one person posting a million questions, but genuine interest from a large group of members), then we'd consider reorganizing forums to accomodate that and give the less frequently discussed topics a chance to be seen in the general physics forum. But, when the questions remain few and far between and don't take up a disproportionate amount of space in that forum, then it doesn't make a lot of sense for us to split it into its own forum.
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    Moonbear your absolutely right.
    I just figured dividing the topics up would cause a larger group of people to pay more attention to the forum topic that they most prefer. ie. Someone who is passionate about "relativity" is most likely to be in the "Special & General Relativity" section rather than looking at 'smaller' problem in the "general" or "classical" physics sections where they maybe useful too...

    But the forums are awesome as it is. This was merely a query.
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    In most physics departments, Optics is a part of the Atomic & Molecular Physics group. Solid State Photonics is dealt with by people in the Condensed Matter group. Since we have a subforum for Atomic, Molecular & Solid State Physicss, that would be the best place for Optics/Photonics threads.
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