A Nokia 1100 problem

I bought Nokia 1100 about 2 months ago. From yesterday a message generated by the cell is comming which is "SIM card registration failed". And to reconnect to the server, I have to "refresh" i.e. turn off the cell and then to turn on again. What is it? I have asked the local market and they have no satisfactory answer to that. They also say that there is no problem with the SIM. One important thing is this that my office is located in a place where very little signal is reached due to thick concrete building. And this problem happens their alone. When I come out of the building the signal does not appear untill I "refresh" my cell again.
Before yesterday my cell was alright i.e. although it could not work properly in my office due to lack of signal, it was working correctly when I had to come out of that office building. I did not have to "refresh" it to reconnect to the server.

Any idea, why is this happening :frown:

Wrichik Basu

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This error generally means that the phone is having difficulty reading information from your SIM card, which can be caused by a build up of dirt on the SIM or SIM card tray. You could try following:

1. Turn off your phone and take out the SIM card.
2. Wipe the card chip with a soft dry cloth.
3. Blow dry air into the sim card tray to clean any dirt.
4. If that solves the problem, well and good. If not, put your SIM into another phone and check if the same problem comes. If it comes, replace your SIM.
5. If no problem comes in the other phone, your SIM tray might be damaged. Take your phone to a service centre.

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