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A noob with such a passion in what most here do

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    h3110 w0rld...
    I guess I can start of by saying that every litle peice of appliace... circuit boarts from old pc that dont work anymore, broken cellphones I have harvested the competent s that I can ( those nad flashable ships for novice projects... I save evey peice of wires... weather it be from telephone cables, if you remeber those... like who uses them? I thinkim so twisted but I know I can fins use for it,,, cherry pick micro proccesors and constly collecting nand chips and those mini heat since you would find in well... most objected orientated device... Im completly in an unhealthy way to consta learn a new skill set in this IT sector...with the versatility and applications of rasberypis and arduous. and I have add and a disorder where I cat stop learning,,, or the urge to need to... super unhealthy. .. look it up lol. I said enough... download a a ridiculous amount of introductory to more applied methologys,,,, I save the mini cammeras from my old phones for god sakes... lol I just feel, as well as so I am a humble person... I said my weaknesses I really do I meet... well a sort of mentor here? lol Getting this out first, I expect no hands outs... just... refrences, opinions... because I do know how to use google which I hope I would be welcomned with opne arms lol,,, now... on to my questin that brought me here to begin with.
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    Um, Welcome to the PF :smile:
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