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A Number to a fraction of a power

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    What is

    125 to the power of 2/3

    I think it is 1/125 or .008 but I'm not sure
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    What is the meaning of this question? Are you asking about the nature/significance of a number raised to a fractional power or are you actually looking for the numerical answer to 125^(2/3) ?!?

    If the former, the answer is solving for x in the equation [itex]125^{2/3}=x[/itex], which is equivalent to the equation [itex]125^2 = x^3[/itex], which means finding the number x such that raised to the power 3 equal 125 raised to the power 2.

    If the later, any calculator, even the cheapest, will tell you it's 25.
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    just to clarify


    the /3 means the third or cube root and the 2 can be taken to mean squared
    ince both are powers the Cube[(125^2)] will give you the answer.

    hope this makes it clear!
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