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A pair of cycles

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    The water and sedimentary cycles are interrelated in many ways, Would you please help me to identify the interactions between :
    sedimentary and tectonic, sedimentary and igneous, igneous and tectonic, water and tectonic ????

    Thank you very much in advance,
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    Help me please...True, I really need your help on these things...
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    Okay, for starters some loose remarks.

    the rock cycle of weathering,erosion, transportation, sedimentation is dependent on the hydrologic (water) cycle, and also interacts with the plate tectonic cycle. The plate tectonic cycle is driven by earth’s internal heat and results in the slow but continuous recycling of material through the mantle and back up into the crust

    Water cycle - tectonic cycle - sedimentary cycle interaction:
    The uplift of the Himalyas causes steeper gradient that leads to sedimentation of floods downstream.
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    Yes, I have just started to learn about Earth since last week...
    Thank you , Andre very much for your explanation and those usefull links, <:sm:>
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