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A perfect world (related to nix)

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    perfect in itself has no problems no douts that creates the problem and no lies that protect the problem. Perfect can see it all and all it is. Perfect incorporates imperfect with perfect, Since we all arrived from a struggling world we realize an imperfection and now incorporates it with ease like playing a wrong note according to the harmony and the harmony then changes with the greatest ease. We as a whole would have a continous change stabilizing our harmony. But whats good and whats bad whats right and whats left whats up and whats down these questions are what brings us down from our perfect world the ones we already know but don't relize half the time.
    I see our world now as an ego searching for answers a mind looking to the future going to the extreme to understand life. I see our voice or frequency speeding up till we understand a faster pitch than our own. meaning we as a whole would be moving so fast we would reach a different speed to our time. Will then come down from our racing mind and realize now we can relax we can travel at the speed of light? I just hope we have enough control to bring us down at that point, Or maybe we will break on through to the other side as morrison would put it. Break on through of our madness, crack our ego in two and then let our true being through, with the technology of the future at hold.
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    Greetings !
    First of all, welcome to PF mikelus ! :smile:

    Second, hmm... no offense, but what are you talking about ?

    Live long and prosper.
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    It seems to me our american society as a whole is moving faster then our history ever was. That meens to me it will only get faster in the future to come. I wonder is there a reason to this fast pace we have. Might there be a question thats unanswered that were searching for. In theory only mikelus
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