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A philosopher's view

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    I have school project to write a Socratic like dialouge between a past philosopher and any one else (could be another philosopher). The dialouge is supposed to discuss the philosophers view on a current, contentious issue.
    Does anyone have any ideas?
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    gay marriage
    animal rights
    separation church and state
    existence of god
    death penalty
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    Does someone lower down on the totem pole of the administration of a nation in the Northern Hemisphere have the right to ban the use of photo cell phones in a smaller nation somewhere in the Equitorial Region?

    If so, does than mean I may ban the use of flashlights and LaziBoy Armchairs in the British Isles and Italy?

    If not, what level of administration is allowed to ban the use of certain electronic devices in nations that are not their own?
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    When you do find the correct topic, write it or discuss it in PLAIN LANGUAGE. Don't try to dramatise it....wrong way to do philosophy! As plain as you lay down your text, make sure that it cointains logically connected but consistent arguments. Victory is of no essence, for if all the arguments are logically queued and consistent, the victory itself is self-installed, if any.

    Good luck!
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    LOL :rofl: :biggrin:
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