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A physicists dating

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    A physicists dating...............

    I went for a date with my girlfriend last sunday to a state of the art restaurant. I asked the waiter to bring 2 cups of tea. but he brought hot milk hot water tea bags and sugar cubes. Now my girl called me over my cellphone and told me that she will be late by half an hour. This is a perplexing situation. I want the tea to be as hot as it can be. I mixed the ingredients and made the tea then itself.

    Now the question for you. Did I do anything wise here ? Would the tea be more hot had I prepared the tea after my girl came?

    please reason out your answer so that I can be more wiser the next time
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    Andrew Mason

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    It depends on whether she took milk in her tea and how hot the milk was. A tea bag placed in cool water it isn't tea, so from a culinary perspective you did the right thing.

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    This is a practical application for a Peltier junction. Put milk on one side, and the tea on the other, hook up 5 Amperes, shabang you got boiling tea and milk popsicles!

    What kind of tea was it?

    GHB usually helps when you're making tea for your girlfriend, I always carry a small white package of it in my front right pocket.
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    Is this a homework problem?

    I know I've seen this question on here before; you can use the search feature to find previous discussion on the topic.
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    I hope that the GHB your referring to, is not the same substance that I've heard of people slipping into women's drinks...
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    I would have asked the waiter/waitress to keep it warm for you as your gf is running late. They always understand :smile:
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    You should make the tea as cold possible as soon as possible, laws of thermodynamics tell us that the speed of cooling down depends on the temperature difference, so if you make the temperature difference lower, it will cool down slower. Experiments have been done with adding cold milk to coffee, the temperature difference was almost 2 oC after 5 min :tongue:
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    This has been posted several times before, it's a homework problem.
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