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A physics related computer question

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    [SOLVED] A physics related computer question

    How does heat react in a vacuume? The though I am having is to make a computer case that is a vacuume and to then remove heat on the exterior of the case. Basically, how does heat act in a vacumme is my question and will it build up? Thank you all for your help.
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    Heat doesn't "react" at all in a vacuum!

    To answer your actual question, consider the "thermos" (that's a trademark!) bottle. You put hot soup in the bottle and it stays hot!
    While a small amount of heat can escape by radiation, most heat moves by conduction or convection. You can't have either of those in a vacuum.

    Your idea of putting a computer in a vacuum would make things worse! You would be "bottling" the heat produced up in the computer rather than taking it away. Far better to allow air to pass through (and use a fan to help it along).
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