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A Picture Analysis Question

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    This is kind of random, but I am wondering if this picture of US soldiers standing ready to receive the bodies of 5 American casualties in the GWOT (I'm not sure OIF or OEF) shows an explosion in the background.

    My question is "Is that cloud on the right side of the horizon an explosion (like from a big bomb)"?

    I cannot say for sure so I was going to ask yalls opinion. If so, the picture is a very somber contrast of the distant and close-up costs of war. If not, it is still a very sobering picture.

    My apologies if I have difficulties loading the picture.


    --- Here's the picture-only link while the file pends approval. (Not graphic)


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    I'm not expert at any of this, but it looks much more like a smokestack to me than an explosion. The smoke looks far too directed to be either an explosion or a cloud.

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    I agree with Lyu, it looks much more like a smoke stack then an explosion.
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    It doesn't look like an explosion but it's hard to say what it is instead. There seems to be a tower that could be a smoke stack. The smoke itself, though, seems to be originating from the ground, as in an oil well fire.
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    Explosion mushroom clouds are thinner and wispier at the stalk.
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    http://www.sorabji.net/2001/february/20.jpg [Broken]
    http://www.geartekcorporation.com/dailyphoto/2005images/smokestack1.jpg [Broken]
    http://www.davidsuzuki.org/files/Climate/BC/SmokeStack.jpg [Broken]
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    Like what Dave's pictures show. It's either a smoke stack or steam release. You can see the bottom has a narrow band where the exhast is being accelerated out of the stack. Once it hits open air it starts to diffuse.
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