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A Poem For PF

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    Since Zoobyshoe is the artist around here I thought I would try my hand at poetry. This is a villanelle in iambic tetrameter. Any feedback would be appreciated.

    Mathematical Mind

    The thought progression is precise;
    all concentration focused bright.
    Can formulation be concise?

    A mathematical device
    is utilized to make things tight.
    The thought progression is precise.

    But will the drastic change suffice
    while keeping everything just right?
    Can formulation be concise?

    Perhaps the problem can entice
    A quite extraordinary sight.
    The thought progression—is precise?

    Of course, just having to think twice
    is what makes solving a delight.
    Can formulation be—concise!

    Eureka, the result is nice
    and everything looks alright;
    The thought progression is precise:
    Can formulation be concise?
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    I like it. Good work dduardo! I didn't know there were more ways of doing the iambic thing, I thought it was all pentameter, thats interesting.
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    Thanks and yes you can do iambic in different ways. Take my first line:

    ^The `thought ^pro`gres^sion `is ^pre`cise;

    4 feet = tetrameter
    5 feet = pentameter
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