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A poem ?

  1. Nov 5, 2009 #1
    A poem ???

    I know you guys won't like this here, but I wrote it when I had the illusion of understanding things. It's not such a bad starting point in hindsight...

    The one pulled apart to make two;
    the all making space for the other.
    The two set spinning true;
    Time made for now by forever.

    Ten times were the two folded out;
    a universe in seconds arrayed.
    Left then right, dimensions sprout;
    the odds and evens in parade.

    The outer folds then born,
    by density matter was dictated.
    The stars in their places form,
    across folds were they created.

    The Calabi-Yau of the strings,
    like a tree of beauty and some;
    on its branches the true man sings,
    its trunk set firmly in the one.

    Set your mind to this poem,
    there is much to learn here.
    Light is both wave and photon,
    The clue; spinning in the air.

    We can witness any fold,
    yet rarely see beyond sense.
    But the day is getting bold;
    meditation becoming science.

    Born into blindness and strife,
    our eyes scaled only in time.
    Like a chick in egg is this life,
    not so far from the rhyme.
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