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A poll

  1. Apr 10, 2008 #1
    How do I make a poll , I know where it is, I just do not know where or how to put the choices?? Help please.
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    Select the option, and then submit the post, and you'll THEN get a screen where you can fill in the options (and by the time you're done, will return to a thread with a bunch of wise guys already replying and telling you that you forgot the poll :rolleyes:). I'm not sure why it's set up that way, but that's the forum software, not us, doing it that way.
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    And be sure to give us fair warning ahead of time. I hate it when a person gets his poll posted before we have a chance to harass him about his missing poll.
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    Lol Thanks I will post a post posting about the post of the poll post.
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