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A possibility

  1. Sep 5, 2006 #1
    i was just finishing my project and i got a idea
    maybe it is valid maybe not
    could ya'll judge it and opine on it
    thank you

    here it is:

    i heard that there is something know as preccession
    and that in another 14000 years the earth shall point towards vega
    that is we have crossed 12000 years,
    so 14000 years later the earths pole star shall be vega

    and also that every year there is a precession of 50"

    now i want to know more about preccession
    What exactly it is

    and like in hindu scripture the positions of the earth with respect to constelattions and other stars , the position of pole star and all have been given

    now using that data
    could we find the star the earth was pointing towards [ the pole star of then]
    and find out the preccession difference
    let us say that difference is X

    the divide X degrees by 50"
    and find out the time difference [ year difference]
    between then and now
    so we know the exact date when the earth was pointing in that direction and hence know when exactly these scriptures were written

    Is this possible???
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    where is the calc
    i cant see it
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    its possible but measurements required back then probably wouldn't tell you much since they have relatively large errors. If they have perfect observations it would be simple, but nothing is perfect
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    yes but even now we dont have perfection
    atleast we could get close with an error of about one century
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