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A possible experiment in gravity manipulation to try

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    If the aether is the means by which gravity and light propogate then an aether vacuum might be used to manipulate it. It would have to pump the negative and positive charges out using magnetic motion like a uterus contraction starting from one end and sending ripples outward, and also a barrier that is as close to being supperimposed + and - charges, and also another vacuum to keep air out.
    The reason I think this is so is mostly due to Tesla lines that form around magnets, nobody knows why they are just there, but if one imagines that the universe is full of this 90% matter yet undetected and is kind of like a film of oil on the surface of water except there are two supperimposed films on top of each other, what happens when a magnet approaches the films would seem to form the striating patterns that are seen in tesla lines, that is the first positive film will get as close to the magnet as possible following right behind the negative film and the next positive film is repelled a bit from that one but still tries to get close to the magnet and so on. I haven't tried the experiment yet, for a silly reason I felt I ought to at least give it away first or it would just be for myself, it would take some time to put together and if it affected a non-metallic weight in the slightest it would be impressive.
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