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A possible quantum computer?

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    Came across this yesterday. Slashdot does rather badly on upcoming science so I'm not taking it too seriously. I'm curious what you guys think, though.
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    D-Wave Systems, Inc. plans to demonstrate a technological first on Feb. 13: an end-to-end quantum computing system powered by a 16-qubit quantum processor, running two commercial applications, live.


    This is the core of a new quantum computer to be unveiled by D-Wave Systems, says Steve Jurvetson, Managing Director of Draper Fisher Jurvetson, a leading venture-capital firm. "It is attached to a Leiden Cryogenics dilution fridge, ready to begin a cool down to 0.005 degrees above absolute zero. This quantum computer employs the resources of 65,536 parallel universes to compute answers in a fundamentally new way."

    D-Wave claims it is the world's first and only provider of quantum computing systems designed to run commercial applications. The event will be hosted in Silicon Valley and Vancouver, B.C.


    I might go to the demonstration here in the Bay Area-
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    I found this link, which basically consists of an intelligent sounding person saying 'huh'?.. apart from that, not much.
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