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A probability question based on batting averages, need help

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    Batter A has a batting average (probability of getting a hit) of .320. Batter B has a
    batting average of .280. If both of them come to bat during an inning, calculate the
    probability that neither one gets a hit. Assume that A getting a hit is independent of B
    getting a hit.

    My attempt:

    I said that .320 is basically 320/1000 and that's 8/25 and .280 is 7/25. I said that the probability of them not getting a hit is 17/25 for Batter A and 18/25 for batter B. And I multiplied both of em to get 48.96% chance of both of em missing. Is this right? I'm not really a math type person but this question is for one of my science classes. Thanks for any help :)
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    100% correct.
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    Thanks a lot :)
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