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A problem about Josephson effect in Graphene/Barrier/Graphen

  1. Aug 24, 2011 #1
    I recently read the paper by Maiti and Sengupta in PRB Vol.76, 054513 (2006).
    I also read a preprint arxiv:cond-mat/0604594v3
    There are inconsistency in these two articles.
    In the Eq.(10) in the first paper, [tex]\psi_B^{h\pm}\propto (0,0,1,\pm e^{\mp i\theta'})[/tex]
    While in the reprint(see appendix equations A(2)-A(5)), [tex]\psi_B^{h\pm}\propto (0,0,1,\mp e^{\pm i\theta'})[/tex]
    Which one is correct? (see the 4th component of the spinor)
    My calculation is the same as the preprint.
    Please notice that the first paper is about on Josephson effect, the preprint is on Andreev
    reflection. Is the calculation processes for calculating [tex]\psi_B^{h\pm}[/tex] different?

    Also, it is strange that the same proportionality holds for [tex]\psi_B^{e\pm}[/tex]
    in these two papers.

    Please help me. Thank you very much.
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