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A Problem Amongst The Lazy Ones

  1. Jan 2, 2014 #1
    And it is....procrastination. I reenter school on the 7th of january(i think :p) so i have 4 days. The problem is that i keep avoiding the fact that sooner or later i'm going to have to start studying--->procrastination. It has caused me a major setback this year with my grades, my class rank...
    The question is: Anyone knows a good technique to get rid of this poisonous habit?
    Any and all opinions are appreciated.
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    Think about what you have to do while you're sitting there, avoiding it... try to think about what method you're going to use and work through the problem mentally. 4 times out of 10, that gets me up and working on it.

    You can also try setting a weekly deadline goal chart thingy... ewww.
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    Go offline:D
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    Sorry pyth i'm afraid i don't understand..you want me to think of the methods i'm using to avoid studying (like watching tv or something)? How would that help?
    As for sharan..its easier said than done :S
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    No, think of how you're going to approach the tasks you need to do.
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    Ah i understand, thank you both for your responses.
    Any more will also be appreciated.
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    Imagine the possible consequences of being lazy and procrastinating. Perhaps you will leave school sooner than you hoped with little or no qualifications. That might not worry you but suppose you continued being lazy. Could that be bad for you? Try to think of what you might be doing in say five years time.
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    Dadface, what you pointed out was not a solution but exactly what is bugging me. I keep thinking: what happens if i'm lazy next year, or my first year of college(or any of the years for that matter)? I keep thinking that every hour wasted will be nothing but a thorn in my side in the future and may cause a gap in my education which is not to be taken lightly..what i'm saying is that i know the problem is just not how to tackle it. Thank you for your response.
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    You could just go with the flow and accept you're lazy. Or realize the there is a life expectancy number. Your choice.
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    I say this as a fellow lazy procrastinator who has found success in what you strive for.

    Here is the sad truth, there are no techniques or secret, you simply have to start doing it. Unless you want to have a type of 3rd party punishment system (a concept found in swear jars), not a reward system because the reward of good grades doesnt show promise in this field haha :) It helps to develop a passion for what you do. Once you have a true goal and interested in something it becomes less of a chore

    The good thing is, even though starting good habit's is tough, eventually it becomes a part of who you are and your routine that it no longer feels like that tough battle you have to psych yourself into. So i will leave you with the following Aristotle quote that I have found to be true....

    "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit"
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    I thank you all for your truly helpful responses. I ended up studying yesterday ..Just not as much as i wanted to. Again i thank you all and hope every procrastinator loses his habit like i'm trying to do.
    If anyone still has an opinion to share, please go ahead.
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    Don't procrastinate in life in general, not just with studying. You need to cultivate the habit of addressing responsibly, maturely, decisively, and timely, problems you encounter in life: "here it is, this is my problem, I'm not a child anymore, and I'm going to attack this problem with determination and accomplish it."

    If you learn to do this with everything you encounter in life, you'll go far.
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    Thank you jackmell, for taking the time to write your insightful advice. And as of today i will study as i should and i shall take a new stand in how i tackle procrastination. Thank you.
    As i have written after every post, anymore opinions are still welcomed.
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    Set yourself for today or tomorrow - I don't know what time it is when you read this - one specific thing you have to master - maybe something you know is a key to your subject or which you know your are lacking or deficient in. Something not over-ambitious that won't take all day, a textbook chapter at outside, probably less. Pre-read (skim) headings. Then just do it taking making brief notes. Then stop, give yourself some reward even only a break or relax. Then - same day - check what you have learnt, either by writing brief notes without consulting the earlier ones and/or doing some of the excercises which will illustrate and show what you have/have not understood. Do this every remaining day.

    Then you may not do all the stuff you think you should have :yuck: done, but you will start courses mentally fitter and with better morale and have started useful habits.

    Get hold of a book, nearly $0 on Amazon or wherever, called 'Use your Head' by Tony Buzan. Or maybe some other book by Tony Buzan - he seems to have wrtten ± the same book 20 times with different titles, but don't wait for the book before starting.
  16. Jan 3, 2014 #15
    First i would like to thank you for your well written response. Second i have taken it into consideration and will attempt to do what you have described. As for the book, is it worth 10$, 100$ ? :p
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