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Medical A problem i am having

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    I don t know what is happen to me, but it is getting very discomforting. when i confront something like a problem or situcaton, i would constantly repeat the problem and situation to myself over, and over again to cleaify the matter. Everytime, i repeat something to myself; i try to clearify the matter at a deeper level, but because of the vagueness inherent in language, that preciseness i want can never be attain. I still repeat myself like a robot. I know this feeling is irrational, but i can t stop it. This repetitive acts is exhausting me, and driving me to an emotional breakdown. What is this illness i am having? and What can i do about it? Are there any links on this behavior?
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    Aw crud, I recently listened to a neurobiology lecture that discussed this sort of thing, but I don't recall a specific name attached to it (other than "obsessive-compulsive disorder"...but I think that term is probably too broad for what you're talking about). I do recall that many 'normal' people go through little repetitions like that (not necessarily repeating problems...could be anything...like triple- or quadrouple-checking that a letter properly went down a mailbox or that the stove is completely turned off). But when it starts becoming 'exhausting' or causing an 'emotional breakdown', then it may be good to talk to your doctor about it. It's not that uncommon. Links? Could try keywords like neurobiology & OCD. Sorry I'm not much help here.
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    ^ well, thank you. I went to wikipedia, and check out "Obsessive-compulsive disorder", and i found much parallels to my own problems.
    It is just one of the OCP variant, called Pure Obsessional OCD:

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pure_Obsessional_OCD [Broken]
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    'Pure Os' may be more rare than some people think, because if a person has mental compulsions (as opposed to compulsions involving observable behavior, like cleaning), these may easily go unnoticed. It's still best to not jump to conclusions, especially if you plan on trying to change whatever is happening. If you want to investigate it further, I know a thing or two about OCD (I have most likely been suffering from OCD myself for about 5 years - though I'm recovering now). If you give some more details, I could perhaps offer some advice. Walking through one typical episode would help, focusing on what you're feeling, thinking, and doing at each step. What you're experiencing could be several things - and perfectly 'normal'. Also, a diagnosis would depend on how severe it is (how long, how often, how upsetting, how much it interferes with your life, etc.), so this info would help. But I think that figuring out what exactly is happening is the most important thing if you want to treat it; Whether your symptoms are extreme enough to meet the 'official requirements' of whichever disorder it might be is secondary, IMO.

    Ha, I just took a look at that link. The definition they give of Pure O isn't the one I was referring to; They do include mental compulsions.
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    I think i had this illness for the past 5 years as well, and only new do i know it is called pure O OCD. I would consume hours( or days) repeat a words, phrases or mental scenario for comfort. Now that i know what it is called, i think i have much greater control over this matter.
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    Well, I wish you the best then. Reading about individual cases can usually give you more insight into a disorder than can a general description. I would suggest that as a next step. If it is OCD, they can get you headed in a good direction. You can find them many places online, or you can pick up a book on OCD; I recommend http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B0009JZTDU/ref=lpr_g_1/102-4107861-9129745?v=glance&s=books&n=507846 [Broken].
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    Vagueness in language? No problem - Just pick up the trade of neology, and just start creating words for those ideas you're trying to bring under precise focus.
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    If you suspect you have a disorder such as OCD, the best thing you can do is schedule an appointment with a psychiatrist (not a psychologist...a psychiatrist has an M.D. and can prescribe medications). They can assess you and determine if you really do have that disorder, or something else, or nothing to worry about at all. If they do diagnose the disorder, there are medications they can prescribe to ease the symptoms. One of my students has OCD and is on medication for it, and I only occassionally notice that she's doing something characteristic of the disorder. She claims it was far worse before she started taking medication, so it seems to work well. But the first step is getting the evaluation by someone qualified to make the diagnosis to find out just what it is.
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    I have these "spikes" all the time and always had, I don't feel bad about anything. Do I have Pure-O OCD? So not everybody thinks like this?

    I don't like the ones involving me killing loved ones, or ones that involve me dying. Well, that's kind of obvious.

    Ah ha! So I am not Pure-O! The ruminations must strongly interfere with my life to be a condition. Yes?

    If I'm right, I can say that I remember a few years ago I was on the edge of falling into Pure O OCD. Not fun.
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    The description in that wikipedia article is sloppy and incomplete. Try http://ocd.stanford.edu/about/[/url] and [url]http://www.geonius.com/ocd/ [Broken].

    By the bye, I know some people are very cautious about taking medications, so FYI, I'm doing great with CBT alone. :smile:
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