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A problem in moment

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    The force F has a moment equal to 250N.m with respect to point O -400N.m with respect to point B and has a zero moment with respect to point A.

    http://freewebs.com/mcroldan08/prob.jpg [Broken]

    Find the magnitude of F and the x-intercept.

    OK, here's what I did,

    Using the formula for moment I got the force F*sub*B

    F=-166.67 N

    I think this is the y-component... right??

    anyways, I got F*sub*A as zero...

    Now, I can't figure out a way to utilize the moment in O and as well as get the intercept and the force....

    can anyone help me??
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    The line of the force must go through A to have no moment. Where does it have to be in relation to O and B so that the moments about those points have opposite signs?
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