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A project on QG

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    Apologies if this url has been cited before.
    The site contains up to date and past research on spin foams
    and related subjects.
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    thanks wolram, for finding and posting this
    without question it is the best page of Quantum Gravity links I have yet seen
    this puts University of Western Ontario on the map for me.
    I get the idea that this is where a student should go who is interested in
    massive parallel computation and quantum gravity computer models of spacetime

    part of the page is Dynamical Triangulation links, to work
    by Jan Ambjorn, Renate Loll, and others

    the page could be thought of as linking to all a grad student
    needs to know to get started in QG research
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    here's a homepage for Dan Christensen, including links to his papers
    and what he teaches at UWO, and a photo

    http://www.math.uwo.ca/~jdc/cv/index.html [Broken]
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