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A project with some math questions just need to know how to do them

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    ok i have a few long problems that are part of project i just need to know how to go about solving them i dont expect anyone to do it for me but here it is

    Distance(AU)|0.39 | 0.72 | 1.00 | 1.49 | 5.19 | 9.51 |19.1 | 30.0 | 39.3
    Period(days) | 88 | 225 | 365 | 687 | 4344 | 10775 |30681 |60267 | 90582
    that is suposed to be a table

    a - state whether in data is quadratic,cubi or quartic. Write the equation that best models the data. State the R squared value.

    b - When a planet is 15(AU) from the sun, what is its approximate orbit period?

    c - If a planet has an orbit period of 69,000 days, what is its approximate distance from the sun?

    all the questions are like that but if anyone can tell me how to do this one i should be fine; thanks alot
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    a) Draw a graph!

    b) Look up Kepler's Laws! Or use the properties you found in (a)!

    c) See (b).
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    so would the slope be distance of period and no y intercept???
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    I don't understand the question.
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    me either thats why i posted it

    but would distance be x and period be y???
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    No, I meant I don't understand your question:

    As to your new question:

    the answer is "yes!"
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    i figured it out i had to use the calculator i dont need anyhelp anymore thanks though
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