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A project

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    I have set out to do a project to make my own particle accelerator. As of now, I know nothing and I know I have to do extensive research to know my limitations of what I can and cannot do,etc. Since it's a very large subject, I really don't know where to start my research. Right now I'm not concerned about the price because I don't have any plan or blueprint of the machine it self, I just want to start my research. Where should I start?
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    There have been a number of threads here at the PF on this subject. Keep in mind that in general, this is a dangerous project to undertake, so discussing it can be against the PF rules concerning dangerous activities.

    Please use the search feature to find some of the previous threads about the subject, and post what you think about the safety and other concerns brought up in those threads.
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    I'm aware of the danger aspect of this project, I've sought out some safety courses and will take them when I am ready to advance to the step of actually building. Of course I will go to a nearby university and ask if my ideas are good enough to start. For now I just want the information for the inception of my ideas.
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