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A projectile motion problem

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    4. Tad drops his bowling ball out the car window 1.0 m above the ground while traveling down the
    road at 18 m/s. How far, horizontally, from the initial dropping point will the ball hit the
    ground? If the car continues to travel at the same speed, where will the car be in relation to the
    ball when it lands?

    well so far i've figured out that the pit will hit the ground 8.0498 m away from the initial dropping point... 8.0m to the correct number of sig figs... now i don't know how to answer the second part of the question.. the relation the pit will be to the car when it lands.. will they both be at the same distance??? i don't know...
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    Yes, they'll be at the same distance. The ball is not given any horizontal velocity relative to the car and there are no horizontal forces, so they continue to move together in that axis.
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