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Homework Help: A proof for an area function

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    Every right triangular region is measurable because it can be obtained as the intersection of two recangles. Prove that every triangular region is measurable and that its area is one half the product of its base and altitude.

    I put a triangular inside a recangle
    and let the triangular area: [tex]{a^2}\over
    {2}[/tex] and recangle area [tex]a^2[/tex]

    Hi guys, I am recently studying at a pre-college school, and self-studying culculus, the book I am using is Apostol's.
    The difficulty I have is that I do not know if I've done the proof or not. Since I am a physics student, I am kinda good at proving something via concept rather than logic. How do I know if I do the proof right?

    Also I am planning spend two days for finishing one charpter of the text book including doing all the problems, do you think whether if it is a good idea? Would you mind giving me some suggestions?

    Thanks so much!
    Best wishes to you.
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