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A PTFE viewer/detector?

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    PTFE (teflon) is used as a lubricant and for related properties. When sprayed abudantly it leaves a white coating similar to paint, otherwise it is invisible. I sprayed a sheet of aluminized mylar til it accumulated and looked like a powdery white cover that would go away with friction but should leave behind a thin invisible lubricating layer. Is there a non destructive method to detect if/how much teflon is present on a material?

    A destructive method to detect teflon involves heating a suspect piece of material and compare it to a control sample to see if it there was a change in material properties: time to burn, more heat needed, etc. Other similar methods can be adapted to diverse materials and situations, but a non destructive teflon detector would be more handy.

    Is there any readily available non destructive method to detect the presence of teflon on surfaces or some research is required? Can teflon be isolated by some electromagnetic frequency sensing mean?

    PTFE is supposed not to wear off easily but in excess it may deposit itself outside the surface it is expected to coat. Particularly, it seems to be able to difuse itself onto other surfaces beyond the spraying point. It is sensible to imagine the spray coat can extend itself over a whole machine beyond the spraying point, much like lubricating oil, and lubricate more than it is intended to without any way to detect if it extended or formed a compact layer beyond what would be expected of given known materials.
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