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A Puzzler

  1. Mar 9, 2006 #1
    In the following problem each distinct letters stands for a unique number from 0 - 9 .

    W A V E + L E T S = L A T E R

    Can you figure what the right equation is ?

    It's not nonsense and is pretty easy.
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    9085 + 1567 = 10652

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    I have to admit, when solving this I was waiting with baited breath to see "the real message" or something. I was half-expecting that when you arranged the letters in 0-9 format, that they might spell a word or something. How cool would that be?

    Like, for example: (Yes, I know this doesn't work)


    Which, would result in:


    Which, when you arranged the numbers:


    And re-translated, you'd get:


    I'm too lazy to come up with one that works, but it'd be pretty neat!

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    Did you make that up yourself? Its pretty sweet.
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    I'd just write a program and let my computer search the dictionary for me.

    - Warren
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