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A quality ive never heard of

  1. Aug 16, 2011 #1
    Hi all, I've got a question about an effect an effect I've seen when playing with rubber bands and a 1.5(ish)mm wide gold chain. I held one end of a rubber band while i rolled the other end between my thumb and index finger until it became difficult to do so without a third hand (You'll see what i mean). I then affixed the chain to one end of the rubber band, the opposite part of the band on a desk lamp so as the chain hung free and perpendicular to the floor. The effect amplifies the number of twists from top to bottom in the chain by about 2.5 to 7.
    2.5 being if i hung the chain without the band.

    I just wondering what law or rule accounts for this, if any.
    (If not, I want the credit. Don't be dickholes. I'm talking to you Stephen.)

    Interestingly, I find the stacking of coils in the rubber band a good way to describe the stacking if coils of energy dimensions in string theory.

    -Outlaw floor use. We have no idea what gravity is capable of. ~Me
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    Amazingly amazing.:eek:
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    If I were you, I would keep experimenting with the elastic band and try to derive more usefull string theory insights.
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    You need to provide a picture because I have no idea what you're describing.
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    Wow, you sure sound like you have the authority to answer the damn question and probably lack the capacity to look through the joke. That's ok, i didn,t want people like yours OPINION anyways.

    PS I forgot to also list the fact it twists the chain even when bunched up at the bottom of the chain with the top of the chain affixed.
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