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A question about fields

  1. Dec 8, 2008 #1
    I have beening trying my best to understand the notion of fields in Quantum field theory. Here are some questions that I have out of 100...
    1)What is the conceptual way of understanding the locality of fields?
    2)How to calculate fields?(in dim 2 case)
    3)Will the calculation depends on the worldsheet metric or signature?

    For 2), why the following calculation is wrong?
    In dim 1 case(only time parameter), since field must satisfy the field equation, so it should look like: exp(itH)Oexp(-itH) where H is the hamiltonian from time translation invariance.
    Thus in dim 2 case, the field should be: exp(isP)exp(itH)Oexp(-itH)exp(-isP) where P comes from the translation invariance in the circle direction.
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