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Homework Help: A question about flip flop

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    if one of them was 0 then no problem because the other wire value doesnt matter
    but here we have both 1
    if i look on one of the NANDs gates we have one input of 1
    and the other input value is unknown because it comes from the resolt of the other gate
    which has the same problem

    how to solve it??
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    When SET = RESET = 1, there are two likely outputs of our RS NAND latch. We can have Q = 0 and Q(not) = 1. In this case, the input to the lower NAND gate is 0 and 1, which gives Q(not) = 1. The inputs to the first NAND are both 1 which makes Q = 0.

    The second possibility is to have Q = 1 and Q(not) = 0. The same analysis used above can be applied for this situation.

    So which situation occurs first? This depends on what has occurred previously at the inputs.
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