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  1. Hi all

    Does anyone know the time delay through the head between the voicebox producing sound and the ear registering it?

    Thanks in advance

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  3. Well, what does "registering" mean? The time that the person should become aware of the sound, or simply the time the sound reaches the ear end of the auric nerve(s)? Also, I think you should specify the center of the voicebox. It would make a big difference if you are interested in the edge of the voicebox nearest the nearest ear instead.

    In any case, I dunno, sorry.
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    A very quick estimate of the speed of sound through bone is about 2500 m/s (speed of sound through solids is equal to the square root of the ("young's modulus" over the density) or sqrt (Y/rho). Young's modulus of bone is about 10^10 N/m^2.

    It's about 13 cm from the voicebox to the middle ear (give or take a cm), so sound will get there in about 50 microseconds. The composition (densities and elasticities) of bone varies through the body, so this is just a rough estimate.
  5. Good answer Chi Meson!
  6. Thanks so much for the reply Chi


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