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Homework Help: A Question about Heat

  1. Jun 6, 2005 #1
    Excuse me, I have a question about heat.

    1kg of 0 degree celsius ice is mixed with 1kg of 100 degree celsius vapour, what is the final temperature? What is the state of the mixture?
    [specific latent heat of fusion=334000J/kg
    specific latent heat of vapourization=2260000J/kg
    specific heat capacity of water=4200J/kg]
    Use the information above if necessary, you can also use the information which is not provided above(eg. specific heat capacity of ice, specific heat capacity of vapour etc.)
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    Please consider the following equation:

    mass of water * c of water * change of temperature of water = mass of water * c of water * change of temperature of water + mass of ice * specific latent heat of fusion
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