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A question about inflation

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    According to the theory of inflation, at least as I understand it, baby universes pop into existence and are connected to this one by a wormhole. That wormhole then shuts in a split second. Some also say that baby universes can be formed this way in particle accelerators.

    Is there any way to keep those wormholes open? Could negative energy work or would quantum inequalities, which apparently place fundamental restrictions on how much negative energy you can amass at a time, render it impossible?

    Also, are the differences in fundamental constants between this universe and baby universes enough to make life as we know it impossible in the latter?
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    Could you perhaps state where you have heard/read this? I've heard statements from people such as Guth who say that eternal inflation creates such "pocket universes" but I have never heard such speculation about wormholes.
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    I believe the idea was put forth by Andrei Linde that baby universes are formed in the quantum foam and are connected by microscopic wormholes that snap shut in a split second. So, could such wormholes somehow be kept open by negative energy? Or is that made impossible by quantum inequalities?
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