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A question about MAN,DQDB and SMDS

  1. Mar 22, 2006 #1
    This is a question from my lecturer,i really cannot answer it because i dun understand about DQDB and SMDS,so wish anyone expert can tell me about it or give me some information for it.It is not much website can be found the information.If u know some website about this,please let me know,i will research it.Thank you all.....

    The question is:

    A metropolitan areal network(MAN) is a network designed to extend over an entire city.Most organizations find that even if they could get permits to lay cables on public land,a better alternative is to use the services of existing utilities,such as Telephone Company.These services include:distributed queue dual bus(DQDB) and switched multimegabit data services(SMDS).Explain how the data transmission in DQDB is done and how SMDS is used for MAN.

    Thanks alot for help me.

    I post it also at electronic engineering,but i dun know where i should post at,sorry....i think i should post at there.
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