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A question about Self Study

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    Can Someone learn all mathematics required for undergraduate physics from only one textbook (mathematical methods in physics texts ) prior to knowing anything in physics especially if he want to self study ? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this method? If I have superficial knowledge in calculus , Can I only read it in a mathematical methods textbook ( I have Riley , Hobson and Bence book which include a chapter on elementary calculus )? Or should I read a calculus book at the level of Stewart book for example ?
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    All of undergraduate physics? No. Well... maybe if it was a really big book.
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    Probably not one book, but you can follow the standard curriculum set in a uni:

    First would be a calculus book, like Stewart's.

    Second maybe Boas' Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences. I think the second edition you can get super cheap.

    Anything you don't understand in Boas you can get clarification in a Diff EQ, Calc, or a Linear Algebra book.
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