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A question about Smokers Blood

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    A question about Smokers Blood......

    Saw a very interesting question raised, in the local paper, the other day. Why is it that Blood transfusion Agencies allow smokers to donate blood, and it is considered "transfusably 'safe' blood", (means it's just fine to put it into you) when it has all those little "nasties" that you hear about existing in Second Hand Smoke?

    Anyone for a little Truth V Propaganda....cause you can smoke a carton of cigarettes (only and in your entire lifetime) and, assuredly, unless you are the exception to the regularity of the rules, (alergic to nicotine, as example) it will not kill you, but sending smokers outside, into the Canadian Fridgid Air will, Garanteed Hasten your demise!
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    Re: A question about Smokers Blood......

    Because smoker's blood is better than no blood at all?

    Well, it is a personal choice to smoke. I don't know all the details of second hand smoke, and how the damage compares with gasoline fumes coming out of the exhaust of cars or scooters, but I sure know I don't like to be standing in them :)

    In the Netherlands they have recently banned smoking in trains (before there were separate cabins) and on stations, with the exception around specially placed pillars. It looks rather pathetic to see all these smokers running to the pillar in between trains, hustling together in a big cloud of grey/blueish opaque fumes, with the occasional smoker venturing out of the territorium claiming independance, shortely there after being ticketed for challenging the system..
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    Don't agree with smoking either, even though I am addicted to the stuff...but wondered about just how much was present, in the blood, from one cigarette, or even sustained smoking, contributes how much to the blood gases? and the other constituent 'particles' that constitute Human blood?

    Compared to second hand smoke?...while living in a city, back in the late Ninties, it was on both radio, and TV, that people shouldn't be riding bicycles, in traffic, due to the smog being more damaging to the lungs, then the benefits of the excersize....so??
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