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A question about symmetries and Pauli-Villars Regularisation

  1. May 19, 2012 #1
    Which symmetries and restrictions does the Pauli-Villars regularisation scheme break/violate and which ones does it preserve? Consider:

    - Unitarity
    - Abelian gauge symmetry
    - Non-Abelian gauge symmetry
    - Supersymmetry

    I'm asking because I got confused after reading about it. Especially after reading/hearing statements that it breaks gauge symmetry for certain Non-abelian theories, that it violates unitarity in some cases, and that it breaks supersymmetry. etc. But I'm totally lost and I couldn't find one source that talks about the PV regularisation scheme describing all those situations.

    Can someone talk about the PV regularisation or refer me to a good reference that describes when and where the PV scheme is good or bad, and why and how!?
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