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A question for firt post.

  1. Apr 7, 2005 #1

    As it is my first question, I'll keep it simple. It is the kernel of a fairly involved model.

    Does anyone know of a model that involves matter changing scale? By this I mean each particle, not just the space between them.

    I realize that this is just as radical as when someone suggested that space was expanding for the first time.

    In the ongoing discussions about the validity of an eather, I feel that there may still be an argument for. An eather II if you like. It would then only take the flow of such a fabric into matter–to pay for the increasing sise–to overcome many difficulties of a unified theory.

    Although this very mechanical model does not seem to instantly violate GR,, it quickly breaks down.

    I would be interested in the opinions of folk who are up to date on new ideas.

    Does the screen name fit? :shy:
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