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A Question for the administrators

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    Just after Christmas I received a 3 point infraction for a post saying if Israel is deliberately targeting civilians it is a war crime. Regardless of the ridiculousness of receiving a warning for posting something both the UN and IIRC have also stated I would like to know how a 3 point infraction translated into an immediate 2 week ban.

    I was reluctant to make this public but I have twice PM'd the mentor involved asking about the discrepancy between what the rules say and the punishment meted out but have been ignored.

    As a contributing member to this forum I would hope to be treated with at least a modicum of respect and I believe I deserve an answer to a genuine and valid query.

    I would hope in a political forum where a mentor holds a different view to others they cannot abuse their positions in a spiteful attack on people who hold opposite viewpoints.
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    I only saw one PM, I just found the other. Art, You were given a reason for the infractions. You were warned not to state opinions as fact and the way you stated them was as fact.

    The temporary ban came later for additional violations from new posts after the previous infraction. Your pm's seem to just want to argue the point. I'll pm you but the answer is not going to change. I copied your posts into the mentor's forum for discussion before action was taken.
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