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A question for the psychologists here

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    I had a strange episode a few years ago (the same day as the 2004 Tsunami) when I was watching TV and all of a sudden I had strange 'memories' going through my mind. Each one causing me to think the thoughts and experiences were something I dreamt the night before but then putting it down to deja-vu. But since each memory came straight after another for, I don't know, maybe a minute or two, it freaked me out - I thought it wouldn't end. I would probably describe them as perhaps hallucinations except not something that appeared to be in the physical place I was in at the time but hallucinations of the recent memory (<24 hours).

    I worried about it being a sign of a serious illness so I saw my family GP. She said something about symptoms of isolation and what I described as being similar to what prisoners in solitary confinement experience. Although I don't think I explained the experience to the GP as well as I have here. I don't communicate much but I do live with my family so I guess I'm unsure.

    Whatever happened hasn't seemed to have returned yet. Anyway apart from a bad diet and little exercise I know there is nothing physically serious wrong with me so I don't worry about it anymore. So what do you think happened back then?

    (I know you can't diagnose here but I only ask out of curiosity rather than peace of mind)

    Thanks for any helpful replies.
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