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A question for you all

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    consider socrates, augstus, and jesus as leaders in their respective commmunities. What made each of them both powerful and dangerous in their communities?
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    Socrates wasn't a leader, when he was alive, was he? I suppose there were people who followed his method, and went with him when he was practicing it...in that case: He was powerful because his philosophy appeals to the minds of those who despise the anti-meritocracies, where a person can gain prestige in a given field, without fully comprehending it. He was dangerous because it can lead to rebellion (even anarchy) for people to despise and denounce their political, military, or scientific, leaders.

    Jesus could like heal the sick and resurrect the dead, so it's not too hard to see what made him powerful. He was dangerous, in the community that he was in, because he was preaching the conclusion of the Abrahamic covenant, and it's fulfillment in him.
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    As for Jesus, all I can say is "crazy people make the most sense"
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    Are these supposed to be separate types of leadership, by wisdom, faith, and military power or something? Two were killed by their societies and the third came to rule his.

    The reason both Socrates and Jesus were executed was that the showed the comfortable pieties of the society around them were lies. And the truths they offered were in contradiction to what any comfy commercial society can live with. Augustus was just another successful general and political leader. You always have them and reasonable people know how to get along. But those others, get rid of 'em.
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    Hi Sarah, I believe I know the answer to your little riddle. You are a very clever person if you personally spotted the link and then posed the question. The answer you are looking for is this;

    We assume all three names existed as men within their own communities. We assume all three were powerful because of their legacies. Maybe a better question to ask would be, what is it that exists in time and is produced by man? "Opinion" features as a word in the answer you require. I would complete the answer fully but I am now scaring myself so I will stop.
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