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A question in human genetics and beyond

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    An article recently published captured my mind:


    The information presented in the article brought upon the study made on fish, has a substantial importance to evolutionary biology, therefore I suggest any of you people to read it carefully and understand its meaning in detail.

    As I was reading, an idea popped into my head: Does a case of a mutated human being (in a way or another) with an ability to see ultra-violent light, or any kind of light beyond or below the normal specturm is known to science? The article is supplied with the data regarding a protein called opsin, which was modified in the scabbardfish by changes of amino acids as a way of adaptation, and I was wondering if the case also happened during history to a human being, thus allowing him to see differently. I was also amazed by the fact that there are only 4 genes in the human genum which are responsible for the sense of vision. Does this fact has any implications in medicine and genetic engineering which are being executed or planned to be executed in those fields?

    Would appreciate a detailed & comprehensive answer.
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