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A question in javascript

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    The general form for creating an array is:

    Myarray=new arrayname();

    But I don't understand wht should I type in the name of the array twice? Because I thought Myarray and arrayname is the same.
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    DO you really mean something like this:

    MyArray myArray = new MyArray();

    where MyArray is a class and myArray is an instance?

    The statement above creates an instance called myArray of type MyArray. This is how you initialize myArray rather like assigning a value to it.

    MyArray myArray1;
    MyArray myArray2;
    MyArray myArray3;

    you can't use myArray1, myArray2, or myArray3 until you've assigned them a value that is until you do this:

    myArray1 = new MyArray();
    myArray2 = new MyArray();
    myArray3 = new MyArray();

    hope this helps.
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